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What we do

We help you increase your production efficiency using our portfolio of software products and continuous improvement services.

We stand out from the crowd in our ability to visually express objectives and performance metrics using live data. We then share our knowledge of manufacturing whilst using the system to help you to drive continuous improvement where it is needed the most. We can help you with OEE, Andon and Annunciation, Maintenance, Tracking, Job Sequencing, Paperless Operation and more. Contact us and we’ll tell you all about it!

The Gemba Way

The difference is in the data

Good quality data is key to making any kind of business decision. Our plant-connected software will give you easy access to accurate shop-floor data in real-time, providing a detailed and reliable base from which to improve.

It’s all about getting things done

Our experienced continuous improvement team will help you analyze your data and make targeted improvements that are aligned to your business objectives, giving you a competitive edge and sustainable and successful future.

Gemba Way

We’re obsessed with making sure our customers get the benefit they’re looking for. Of course our software provides every tool necessary to run an efficient operation but the real difference is in our service – we help drive the benefit into our customer’s business rather than just laying software on top of it.

Our success is based on the success of our customers

We are capable, straight, and effective at what we do. We do the right thing for the customer. Everything we do is designed to give our customers the right tools, at the right time, at the right price. As a team, we believe that we can do more together than we can apart.


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